Administrative Set up

The overall command of water supply and sewerage department is of Municipal Engineer, who is assisted by two Superintendent with necessary ministerial staff to run the administrative works and revenue sections.

The works wing looks after the establishment matters of this department including general correspondence and purchases and the revenue wing holds the works of revenue collection i.e. water charges, attending public grievances about water billing and processing of water and sewerage connection cases of applicants for sanction of competent authority as per procedure laid down by Corporation from time to time for management of water distribution and sewerage system.

 In addition to above there are two Sub-Divisions under Water Supply and Sewerage Department.  Each sub-Division is headed by Assistant Engineer-I & II, who are further assisted by five Junior Engineers.

Value of Assets:

The production cost of water as assessed by the I&PH. Deptt. is Rs. 22.50 per thousand liters and the I&PH. Department is supplying bulk quantity of water to M.C. Shimla @ Rs. 4/- per thousands Ltrs.  with subsidy of 82.22%.   The operation and maintenance cost is Rs 6.50 per thousand ltrs. Thus the water distribution cost Municipal Corporation @ Rs.10.50 per thousand liters and M.C. Shimla is distributing water to the consumers of Shimla town @ Rs.2.50 per thousand liters. for domestic purpose, thereby giving subsidy of 76.20%.

Establishment- particulars of the employees:

The Municipal Engineer, who heads the department of Water Supply & Sewerage is assisted by following staff to look after the various affairs.

There are two posts of Superintendent Gr.-II (i) Supdt.works (ii) Supdt.Revenue. The Supdt.(Works) is assisted by Establishment Assistant, Purchase Assistant, diarists, dispatcher, and Steno typist.

Similarly, Supdt. (Revenue) is assisted by two Assistants and 11 clerks (Meter Readers) and is incharge of releasing water & Sewerage connections and reading of water meters, billing and receipt posting.  Besides this, details of revenue collection on day to day basis is also accounted for by this section.

            No specific drawing branch is available with the Municipal Engineer.  Only one Draughtsman and one Surveyor is there to look after all the day-to-day and technical work, which obviously creates working problem.

Technical staff as already discussed assists Municipal Engineer to maintain water supply distribution network alongwith sewerage system.

         This distribution of water is further handled by skilled/semi-skilled workers on regular as well as daily wager staff, under the direct control/supervision of Junior Engineer. The present strength of skilled/semi-skilled workers require re-organization under the present circumstances.  A proposal in this regard is being formulated.

In addition to above there is one Sr. Assistant and one Clerk in Store Section of WS&SD., who assists to procure the material on day to day need of this department and distribute/issue the same to the Junior Engineers after getting indents from them and up keep the record of purchase and distribution/issuance of materials.  They also receive the delivery of materials purchased/procured from outside the state and also prepare the salary bills of the store section and make the adjustments of payments in account section. Besides that there are four number Chowkidars who look after/watch the materials in store in three shift of 8 hours each and one number Chowkidar look after/keep watch of material lying in store during gazetted holidays as well as when above three numbers chowkidars remains on leave.


List of Plumbers registered with M.C. Shimla